1. FINDING THE BEST PRODUCTS from thousands of Japanese producers.

There are more than 2,000 liquor producers, more than 10,000 liquor brands in Japan. From these too many choices, we will offer the best products to your market. We can introduce you …
Japanese Whisky ; both major brands and local brands
Japanese Gin & Rum ; a few new brands
Japanese Wine ; from several small breweries
Beer ; local craft brands,
Sake, Shochu, Umshu (Plum-wine) ; we have many partners

2. MIX SEVERAL PRODUCTS from different producers, on 1 pallet, or on 1 container.

If you would like to buy several products from several producers, we will help you to collect them and deliver to your country on 1 container or on 1 pallet. We will offer our service from 1 pallet !

3. NEGOTIATE with THE PRODUCERS instead of you, if you have specific products you are interested in.

In most case, Japanese producers are vert polite, but too conservative and their each judge is very slow which many foreigners get frustrated. And in many cases, it is difficult to communicate with them in English. Our mission is to make your business smooth and first with well experienced knowledge and advise to the producers.


We have some good partners who offer Private Label ( Private Brand ) bottles for your original brands. Now, we can offer Malt Whisky, Blended Whisky, Gin, Rum, Sake, Shochu and Umeshu ( Plum-wine).